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thematchhotel's Journal

Catch Me a Catch: A Multi-Fandom Roleplay
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Welcome to the Match Hotel, where if we don't catch you a catch, you won't be released. Yente the Matchmaker manages a magical hotel where she is able to pull people out of any universe in order to help them find their true love. Guests are matched up on dates with each other until they find their soulmate.

In order to join the RP, players simply choose a character from any work of fiction and fill out the application. Each character must have a "played by" or "PB" for short. This is the famous person you choose to represent your character in your icons. It doesn't have to be the person who played your character in the original work they're from if you feel someone else is a better choice. Please take a look at the list of taken characters and taken PBs because duplicates will not be accepted.

The list of who is taken and wanted and the application can all be found at the community main page thematchhotel.